At TYPE talent our focus is all about giving our students a memorable experience whether your child loves acting, dancing, singing, wants to build confidence or make friends our instructors help develop and nurture the TYPE of talent that each individual child has and enjoys!

What we do differently and why?

  • It about the child not the arts, we believe in understanding your child and not putting them into a category. We love to hear about your child before the first class so we can aim to tailor classes to maximize their experience

  • We work towards projects such shows and films – Whilst it’s great to do theatre sports and learn technique nothing beats utilizing those skills by being on stage or screen and getting real life performing experience. Our team is made up of award-winning film directors, producers, actors and teachers and we love nothing more than seeing kids be a part of a performance for friends and family.

  •  NO need for a sewing machine. We choose to keep costumes for our production and performances simple but effective. For some performances we will include a small cost $25 max for a costume that each child gets to keep, alternatively we may ask that you provided a simple costume that you most probably would have at home for e.g., it might be a black and white theme. We let you know with plenty of notice of what is required for each different performance.

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2 - 4 years

Saturday  |  8:50am – 9:20am   (30 mins)

Cost $120 per term (Cost based off a 10 week term)

Does your child love bouncing to music, singing along to tunes and loves to dress up? If so, we want to embrace it and develop their confidence and movement skills through our 30 minute, high energy interactive class. You’ll bond and have fun with your TYPE Tot through song, dance and music.

TYPE Stars

4 - 6 years

Wednesday  |  4:15 – 4:55pm   (40 mins)

Cost $140 per term (Cost based off a 10 week term)

Our performing arts-based class TYPE Stars compliments children who are just starting kindy or school. The focus is to introduce kids to singing, dancing and acting through interactive and imaginative ways.  Children will also gain confidence speaking in front of a class and be introduced to structure in a fun and inclusive way.

TYPE Acting Classes – (60 mins)

7 - 9 years | Wed 6pm – 7pm

10 - 11 years | Thurs 6pm – 7pm

12 - 14 years | Tues 6pm – 7pm

14 - 16 years | Wed 6pm -7pm


Cost $150 per term (Cost based off a 10 week term)

Our age appropriate acting classes cover all areas of the craft such as hosting, presenting, improvisation, script work and the fundamentals of stage and screen acting. Our students get to experience it all throughout the year however specific terms may be dedicated to a specific project or performance. For e.g. if the term has a film focus, students will be developing and focusing on the skills required for being on set and in front of a camera.​


TYPE Dance Classes – (60 mins)

7 - 9 years | Wed 5pm – 6pm

10 - 11 years | Thurs 5pm – 6pm

12 - 14 years | Tues 5pm – 6pm


Cost $150 per term (Cost based off a 10 week term)

Our TYPE dance classes focus on commercial/jazz dance styles through a fun and building confidence environment. We tend to use age appropriate pop songs that the kids can relate to whilst developing their technical skills, through stretching, corner work, learning and sometimes creating choreography that they will have the chance to perform in a showcase or video clip shoot.

TYPE Hip Hop/ Contemporary Classes – (60 mins)

7 - 10 years | Sat 9:30am - 10:30am

11-14 years | Sat 10:30 pm – 11:30am


Cost $150 per term (Cost based off a 10 week term)


We incorporate two popular dance styles in this class; hip Hop and contemporary. All levels are welcome our instructors will help your child develop and grow at their own pace. The class generally starts with a warmup followed by a hip-hop component that includes sharp, fast paced strong moves, after that the contemporary component will include corner work, foot work and technical based exercises. Next up a lyrical dance routine component and then a stretch to help improve flexibility at the end. An expressive class that is for any child who wants to explore and develop their movement skills.

DISCOUNT - PLEASE NOTE IF YOUR CHILD PARTICPATES IN A SECOND CLASS FROM THE ABOVE SELECTION OF CLASSES (AGES 7-16 years) the fee for second class will be reduced to $100 not $150 for the current term. (Cost based off a 10 week term)


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