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Technology is changing, and so are the essential skills for young performers.


TYPE Talent Kids Digital Performance Academy equips your child to thrive in the digital future of the performing arts and prepares them for the performance opportunities presented by the digital technology revolution.  

What is digital performance?

  • Does your child want to create videos about their favourite hobbies for YouTube?

  • How about being a voiceover artist for video games?

  • Web series, TV shows, virtual reality and microblogging apps like TikTok are emerging as the future of the performing arts

  • Multimedia technologies add limitless creative potential to stage performance

What will your child create?


At Adelaide’s only digital-focused performing arts school, your child will explore traditional craft interpreted for digital performance, along with the opportunity to put what they learn into practice using our in-house film studio and the latest technology.


From music videos to screen-tests, to exploring what it’s like to work in front of a green-screen, our industry-experienced instructors will collaborate with award-winning directors to transform your child’s passion for performing into the experience of working on-screen.


Our studio facilities include:

  • professional film and camera technology

  • in-house screen test facility

  • in-house green screen facility

  • in-house photographic studio

  • access to industry-experienced instructors, and award-winning film directors

  • classes tailored to your child’s interests and abilities

  • the opportunity to perform on camera and instantly see the results on-screen


The TYPE Talent Kids Digital Performance Academy difference: we train your child to an industry standard, without them even knowing it.


They’ll be having so much fun finding new ways to explore their creativity, that they won’t even realise they’re industry-trained!


Give your child’s creative play a leap into the digital future at TYPE Talent Kids Digital Performance Academy.

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2 - 4 years

Saturday  |  8:50am – 9:20am   (30 mins)

Cost $120 per term (Cost based off a 10 week term)

Does your child love to dance, sing and dress up? TYPE Tots classes embrace and develop their confidence and movement skills in a weekly 30-minute, high-energy interactive class. You’ll bond with your TYPE Tot through song, dance and music and nurture their natural instinct for creativity and play.

TYPE Stars

4 - 6 years

Wednesday  |  4:15 – 4:55pm   (40 mins)

Cost $140 per term (Cost based off a 10 week term)

Perfect for children just entering kindy and school, our TYPE Stars classes introduce children to the fundamentals of singing, dancing and acting in interactive and imaginative ways. Children gain confidence through creative play, and are introduced to structure and discipline in a fun and inclusive way.   

TYPE Digital Performing (Acting) – (60 mins)

7 - 9 years | Wed 6pm – 7pm

10 - 11 years | Thurs 6pm – 7pm

12 - 14 years | Tues 6pm – 7pm

15 - 17 years | Thursday 5pm - 6pm


Cost $150 per term (Cost based off a 10 week term)

Enhancing traditional techniques with the exciting new opportunities offered by digital technology, students learn the essential performance skills to succeed on-camera. From web series to vlogs, voiceovers and more, students are educated in the different styles of digital performance, with lots of practical opportunities to experience industry-relevant activities such as short film shoots and self-tapes, working with a green screen, and even jumping behind the camera to bring their own original creative ideas to life.


TYPE Digital Performance (Dance and Movement) – (60 mins)

7 - 9 years | Wed 5pm – 6pm

10 - 11 years | Thurs 5pm – 6pm

12 - 14 years | Tues 5pm – 6pm


Cost $150 per term (Cost based off a 10 week term)

Our TYPE Digital Performance (Dance and Movement) classes adapt traditional genres and styles with a specific focus on movement for performance on-screen. From camera angles, lighting design and taking direction, to body movement and expression, the term is geared towards an industry performance outcome such as a music video shoot or stage multimedia performance.

TYPE Digital Dance Performance: Hip Hop and Contemporary – (60 mins)

7 - 10 years | Sat 9:30am - 10:30am

11-14 years | Sat 10:30 pm – 11:30am


Cost $150 per term (Cost based off a 10 week term)


The rise of TikTok and digital performance videos have given hip hop and contemporary dance styles huge visibility in popular culture. These genres gather massive online audiences, and our classes take advantage of this excitement and relevance to engage students in high-energy routines that incorporate movement techniques specific to the outcomes of stage multimedia performances and dance videos.

DISCOUNT - PLEASE NOTE IF YOUR CHILD PARTICPATES IN A SECOND CLASS FROM THE ABOVE SELECTION OF CLASSES (AGES 7-16 years) the fee for second class will be reduced to $100 not $150 for the current term. (Cost based off a 10 week term)