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TYPE talent is an Acting and Performing Arts School in Adelaide. Owned and run by a highly skilled team of entertainment industry professionals. They each bring their own unique and diverse history as shown in their interviews further down this page.

Through specialised acting and performing arts classes TYPE Talent provides the benefits of learning how to skillfully react and interact with an audience.

Our Vision & Mission

TYPE Talent understands that everybody is different in terms of likes, personalities and their goals. But even with these differences, we know everyone can benefit from the art of performing.

By sharing our knowledge, skills, experience and overall passion for this industry we are making a positive impact on the performing arts community in Adelaide.


Gain personal growth, development and industry connections through our various classes, workshops and Q&A sessions.

Through our classes, we aim to:

  • Grow our students’ confidence as they get more in touch and familiar with themselves

  • Teach our students how to effectively communicate their thoughts and feelings

  • Equip our students with strong teamwork and collaboration skills

  • Encourage positivity, empathy, and acceptance

  • Enable our students to access and process their emotions

  • Empower our students to stretch beyond their limitations and to not be afraid to test their abilities

Regardless of what you are looking to achieve through TYPE Talent, we offer a safe and fun environment for you to grow, develop and have a great time.

Let's Develop Your Skills & Experience

We offer a range of acting classes for different types of people, skill levels, requirements and life goals. From beginner acting classes to advanced and intensive workshops, you can find everything you need here at TYPE talent.

Our courses cover the following:

  • Acting techniques

  • Audition techniques

  • Scene study

  • Improvisation

  • Voice control and projection

  • Body language and movement

  • Characterisation


What you’ll experience:

  • Improvisational scenarios

  • Theatre games

  • Script reading

  • Making new friends

  • Stepping out of your comfort zone

  • Being vulnerable

Take Your Acting Interest or Career to The Next Level

TYPE talent believes in the potential of all individuals. We encourage everyone to give acting a try and discover how this form of art can be good for your personal, business or career life.


Are you ready to explore your creativity?

  • Our acting classes help you leverage your own uniqueness and individuality.

  • Allow our workshops to improve your way of engaging and connecting with those around you.

  • Develop a deeper understanding and appreciation for the world of performing arts.

  • We nurture your potential to create a satisfying career in this industry, if you wish.

  • Let us guide you and provide you with the needed support to thrive in this business.


Discover more about the instructors and joint partners behind TYPE talent below:

Mark Cherrett

What TYPE of experience do you have?

After starting to perform when I was in my early adolescence, I grew my portfolio with extensive work in both film and theatre. After featuring in a prime-time television show broadcast in the UK, I went onto performing professionally onboard a cruise ship as a vocalist and cruise director.

Annually I produce over forty theatre and cabaret shows. I also have extensive experience performing stand-up comedy around Australia.

As a graduate film maker, I have directed and produced multiple award-winning short films and launched my own video marketing company producing online commercials.


Is there are certain TYPE of characteristic you look for when casting?

Yes, these are the first three things that come to mind:

  1. The look of the actor must fit the character written into the film or stage show.

  2. I would give the part to someone with a positive attitude who is a team player over someone that’s not.

  3. Someone who is on time and ready to perform.



Is there a certain TYPE of acting style you prefer?

I love performing on stage and love witty humour; so, I’m a sucker for comedic stage craft. I think having the skillset to make people laugh and smile is a valuable talent to have.


I also find the craft involved behind screen acting very exciting. Working with the camera and crew to get the perfect take is challenging yet rewarding when you nail it.

Michael Wilkop

What TYPE of experience do you have?

I started my acting career at five years old and have since been cast in television commercials and voice overs across Australia. I was cast in several movies including the Australian classic, Napoleon.

Recently, also featuring in several reality TV shows including Channel 7’s First Dates.

As an early teen I focused on stage craft, being cast as the lead role in several major productions. I then began learning the craft of magic, becoming one of SA’s leading children’s magicians. From here I launched an entertainment company, coordinating artists at events.

Over the last five years I have spent a lot of time directing and producing many films and stage shows and collected several awards.


Do you need to be a certain TYPE of person to be a children’s entertainer?

Children’s entertainment incorporates all the fundamental principles of acting. I find that the most successful children’s entertainers are adaptable. You need to be able to think on your toes, adapt and respond to the children because they can be unpredictable. Having good skills in improvisation also helps.



What TYPE of actors inspire you and why?

I love comedy films and think there are a lot of great comedic actors, but I have a special respect for screen actors who can play cinematic roles well. Actors that are believable on screen, make you forget you are watching a movie and create a suspension of disbelief are my inspiration. Tom Hanks is a great example.

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