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Adelaide Adult Acting Classes

As a young or mature adult, are ready to develop your skills and interest in performing arts? Enroll in one of TYPE talent’s acting classes and see what it takes to be a star.

We have something for everyone, from amateurs, pros and individuals with zero acting experience. Maybe you are just looking for a fun new activity? We have different adult acting classes in Adelaide available for all skill levels.

What TYPE of experience

would you like? 


Adult Acting Classes to Learn, Develop & Have Fun

Acting is a great social and creative outlet. With our adult acting classes in Adelaide you get to enjoy improvisation games and engaging exercises as you learn essential acting skills and fundamentals. 

Our interactive classes are great ways to meet new people, break away from work stress and learn more about yourself. You will also develop improved communications skills, increase confidence and self-esteem.

But above all else TYPE talent’s acting classes for adults are guaranteed to provide you with the opportunity to simply have fun. Talk with us about our adult acting classes today.

From Exploring an Interest to Advanced Acting Classes

Do you have an interest in acting that needs to be explored? It's time to satisfy your curiosity.


We have classes that cover acting essentials, script work, stage and screen technique, sketch work, public speaking and presenting, body language and performance etiquette. These classes expose you to the expansive world of performing arts.

Then when you are ready to take your skills to the next level and leverage up to professional actor status, we have specialised and advanced courses to fine tune your acting abilities.


Our advanced acting classes cover advanced film and stage technique, voice and body work, monologues and duologues, Laban Movement Theory, Stanislavski Method, script work, content creation, film and stage production.

Learn From Experienced Industry Professionals

All classes are facilitated by talented professionals with years of experience up their sleeves. Experience training and guidance from a team of expert instructors with experience in film making, directing, producing, editing, cinematography and acting.


We structure our adult acting classes to teach more than just acting skills. In our studio classrooms, we encourage collaboration, creativity, imagination, quick thinking and confidence building. As you learn acting basics, methods, and techniques, you’ll also learn how to effectively use voice and body language, how to be vulnerable, receive constructive criticisms, and also about being empathetic.

There’s so much that our adult acting classes can teach you. Discover it here at TYPE talent. For more information about our classes on offer and schedules, please make an inquiry below.

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