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Adelaide Drama Classes

Bored with your usual schedule? Explore the world of performing arts and give drama a try. Enroll in one of our drama or acting classes and discover your potential in the world of performing arts.

TYPE Talent offers a fun, challenging and supportive environment for you to train and develop your craft of drama and acting.

What TYPE of experience

would you like? 


Fun & Engaging Drama Workshops

Immerse in a creative experience that teaches the basic knowledge, skills and attitudes in performing in front of an audience. As you get to know more about acting, dramatic improvisation, theater and film production, body language, script work, and public speaking, you will also get a better understanding and appreciation of the arts.


More than merely teaching our students the basics and fundamentals of acting, TYPE talent aims to offer drama classes that inspire and build confidence. That way, our students get to use their gifts and talents to the fullest.


Expect elements of humor, fun and laughter in our acting and drama workshops. We want our students to be creative with learning and have fun while gaining knowledge about drama and storytelling.

World Class Drama Training in Adelaide

Our drama classes in Adelaide are facilitated by world-class instructors. If you’re serious about the performing arts industry, we can help you work on your monologues, duologues and ensemble pieces while being guided by experts in the field.


The following concepts will be tackled in our classes:

  • Creativity & Imagination

  • Body language

  • Characterisation & Improvisation

  • Emotion Control

  • Physical Awareness

  • Visualisation

  • Concentration

  • Laban Movement System

  • Voice Techniques

  • Acting for Stage

  • Acting for Film

  • Camera Techniques

  • Film Script Work

  • Audition Skills


You’ll be coached by professional actors, directors, producers and film technicians who are generous with their time and knowledge.  At TYPE talent, you’ll gain the confidence and develop the skills to deliver a truly authentic performance on-stage or on-screen.

Learn to Act & Prepare for Auditions

We welcome actors who want to polish their skills and individuals who never acted before but have always wanted to give acting a try. Different courses are available to suit your specific goals and skill level.

Our drama classes and other acting workshops are great opportunities for you to learn how to use and control your body, voice and your imagination. Also, our acting workshops are fantastic for getting to know yourself better and networking with like-minded people.


Aside from giving you a head start into working as an actor, we also provide you with the opportunity to connect with accomplished actors, industry professionals and soon-to-be stars.


Contact us today via phone or through our online Enquiry Form and get to know more about our classes. We also offer casting services to help our students secure employment in the industry they love.

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