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Adelaide Performing Arts Classes

Interested in the field of performing arts? Feed that curiosity by enrolling in one of TYPE talent’s performing arts classes in Adelaide.

TYPE talent offers a wide range of performing arts classes for those who wish to express themselves and their artistry through their voice and body language. If you’re the type who loves performing in front of an audience, discover how you can nurture and develop your interest in performing arts through one of our classes.

What TYPE of experience

would you like? 


Beginner to Advanced Performing Arts Classes

Our courses are designed to engage, challenge and inspire students to reach their full potential. We have classes for every individual regardless of their skill level and experience in acting, drama or performing arts.


Whether you’re a newbie with zero acting experience or a pro needing to fine tune your techniques, we have an opportunity for you to grow and improve.

At TYPE talent, you’ll learn about and gain skills in:

  • Projection and pronunciation

  • Public speaking

  • Body language and movement

  • Voice control

  • Stage and screen techniques

  • Storytelling

  • Improvisation

  • Creative movement

  • Monologues, Duologues

  • Memorisation techniques

  • Screen and theatre production

Gain Life Skills From TYPE Talent Classes

Aside from teaching acting essentials for you to be able to take your performing to the next level, expect our coaches to also open your mind and develop skills for use in every day life.

TYPE talent’s performing ats classes can teach you how to:

  • Develop a healthy self-image

  • Express yourself better

  • Speak lucidly, clearly, and thoughtfully

  • Work effectively with different types of people

  • Ignite your imagination

  • Enhance your creative problem solving abilities


Our goal is to equip you not just with the necessary technical skills but also with the right attitude and work ethic for success in the performing arts industry.

Create a Successful Future in Performing Arts

TYPE talent provides you with classes that are fun yet educational, complicated yet enjoyable, challenging yet rewarding. 

The training that we provide to our talented students is focused on authenticity, emotional connectivity, and self-awareness. Our objective is to empower actors to believe in what they can do so when they get hired, they can deliver with confidence.  

Our appreciation for performing arts moved us to provide classes that are forward-thinking with a holistic approach. With classes that are supervised by talented and multi-awarded professionals in the industry, we get to produce artists who effectively portray roles and can emotionally and professionally survive the often tough industry.

If you want to know more about our classes and our current course schedule, please give us a call or send an inquiry through our online form below.

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